We raise registered Shetland and Icelandic sheep and occasionally have Shetland/Icelandic Crosses.

Shetland Sheep

Three Creeks Farm has a small flock of Shetland Sheep. We got our first animals in 2005 and added a ram in the fall. We are expecting lambs in the spring and will have registered breeding stock for sale in the summer/fall. You can Check out our pedigrees by going to the NASSA site and searching on the animal’s name.
Shetland Lucy and One of her twin lambs, Marble

Shetlands are an old breed, listed on the ALBC’s list as recovering. They were originally taken to the Shetland Islands by the Vikings and left there where the thrived on minimal forage making them a very hardy breed. In 1980, they were brought to North America from the Shetland Islands . The are a petite sheep, with the rams weighing no more than 125 lbs and ewes around 75-100. They are very sweet natured and easy to handle due to their small size. They are naturally short tailed so do not require tail docking-a plus to those raising them. Their wool is fine and valued by hand-spinners.

Our Sheep


Shetland Sheep for Sale


Three Creeks Ebert (Bert)

Bet is a proven ram born 3/29/2011, reg. #S34409 . He is fawn (sandy brown) gulmoget (dark on top, white on belly with teardrop facial markings). His wool is very fine and crimpy and his horns are fabulous as you can see in the photo. We have his half brother as our herd sire, so we do not want to breed him to our flock. He is skittish but not aggressive at all. $200



Three Creeks Emmit

Emmit looks just like his father, Shorty. He is a yearling ram lamb born 4/16/2011 and has beautiful emsket/shaela fleece (steel gray). His horns are as nice as his father. He is very sweet and gentle. He must go to a good home with assurance not to send to market without notifying us. Reg # S34412  $150


Three Creeks Emma

Emma was born 4/14/2011 and is morritt gulmoget. Her fleece is nice but she is flighty. Update she should be bred as of 12/8/2012 to lamb 5/4/2012. She is bred to Timmy S36441.


Shetland/Icelandic Crosses

We often cross Icelandic ewes (especially yearlings) with Shetland Rams. The crosses have very fine fleece, are a little bigger than Shetlands and often get meatier faster than either breed.


4/16/2009. Sally is a light cream colored (mioget) ewe. She lambed without problems. She is 3/4 Shetland and 1/4 Icelandic