Shetland Sheep in Tennessee

Shetland sheepThree Creeks Farm has a small flock of Shetland Sheep. We got our first animals in 2005 and added a ram in the fall. We are expecting lambs in the spring and will have registered breeding stock for sale in the summer/fall. You can check out our pedigrees by going to the NASSA site and searching on Three Creeks in the Name field at this page to see pedigrees for all our sheep.

Shetlands are an old breed, listed on the ALBC’s list as recovering. They were originally taken to the Shetland Islands by the Vikings and left there where the thrived on minimal forage making them a very hardy breed. In 1980 they were brought to North America from the Shetland Islands.

The are a petite sheep, with the rams weighing no more than 125 lbs and ewes around 75-100. They have a very sweet nature and are easy to handle due to their small size. They are naturally short tailed so do not require tail docking-a plus to those raising them. Their wool is fine and valued by hand-spinners.

We sell sheep from time to time and will list any Shetlands below that we currently have for sale; we also occasionally have Shetland/Icelandic crosses available. Please contact us to make sure any sheep listed is still available or if you’re interested in sheep for next season. Our farm is located in Middle Tennessee and is less than an hour drive away from Nashville.

Shetland Sheep for Sale

Caulfield Horatio

Horatio has been a great heard sire, but we have used him for several years and now needs a new home. He was bred by Jan and Kim Caulfield at Far Out Farm. As you can see in the photo, his horns are excellent. His fleece is also fabulous for a ram, the crimpy UK type as seen in the photo below and is a fawn gulmoget also called mouflon in other breeds (dark on top and white belly with teardrop marking on the face).  He was born 3/31/2010 and his registration number is S34450.

We are asking $200 for Horatio.