Kromski Jumbo Bobbin kits


It seems that you never have enough bobbins. Order extra to match your wheel!!!



Jumbo Flyer Kits

Extend the capabilities of your Kromski wheel by adding a Jumbo Flyer Kit. You can quickly switch back and forth between your regular flyer and the jumbo unit. The Jumbo Flyer has a very large orifice, a .70 inch opening for heavy spinning and plying and a much larger jumbo bobbin to hold up to 50 cubic inches of yarn; Lower ratio ranges give you two speed choices without having to change a flyer.

Jumbo Kits should be ordered to match your specific wheel. There are two main types of Kits: those for double drive wheels and those fore Single drive wheels.  Symphony, Polonaise and Minstrel are double drive wheels so these kits come with a jumbo whorl in addition to a the maiden that matches your wheel, a jumbo bobbin and the flyer. Prelude, Interlude, and Sonata are single drive wheels. Th

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Sonata, Minstrel, Polonaise, Prelude, Interlude, Symphony


Clear Finish, Custom Finish, Mahogany finish, Unfinished, Walnut finish